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The club offers a wide range of disciplines to cater for most sporting and target shooters. These are as follows:

Full Bore Rifle. Due to Range Safety limitations on muzzle energy and velocity, the Club Range is limited to the use of firearms ranging from .22 to .455 calibre. Additional fullbore rifle facilities as mentioned previously, are fixtured throughout the year on several MoD ranges in East Anglia and very occasionally at Bisley. Conventional targetry and ‘practical rifle’ type targets can be accommodated for.

Small Bore Rifle. .22 calibre rifles and carbines are permitted on the club range. The Ruger 10/22 in its many variant forms is a cost affective and popular rifle being used although AR15 type derivatives are also used. In addition to conventional targets, mini rifle disciplines can be catered for, 'practical' competitions are held twice a month.

Rifles and Carbines. Under lever carbine rifles such as Winchester and Marlin .357 magnum, .44 magnum and .45 Long Colt have been popular by most of our members and more recently AR15 type rifles in .30 calibre, 9mm and .45ACP have appeared, particularly those with a 'Lever Release' mechanism. Club 'practical' competitions are held twice a month.

Long Barrelled Revolvers and Muzzle Loading Pistols. Thanks to the Labour government in 1997, pistol shooting here in the United Kingdom is now restricted to the above types of firearms. Pistols range from .22 calibre, through to .45 calibre. Modern pistols such as the Ruger ‘Old Army’ are by far the most accurate and reliable muzzle loading pistols used at the Club. Long barrel conventional revolvers and more recently .22 semi-auto pistols are permitted in this country, provided the overall length of the revolver/pistol measures at least 60cm (24"). This can be achieved by a minimum barrel length of 30cm (12"), and a rod or wrist brace being fitted to the grip.

The Last Resort (for the time being.) Many clubs who were previously involved in 'practical' pistol shooting did convert over to the use of AirSoft pistols, whilst not the same as the real thing, these pistols allow pistol shooters to become competent in shooting techniques and safe handling. Some of our members still compete in international pistol shooting competitions and find AirSoft pistols a useful training aid as do the Military and police forces in the UK. There is growing support to resurrect pistol shooting in the UK.

Target Shotgun (formerly referred to as Practical Shotgun). We are unable to provide Target Shotgun shooting facilities for the foreseeable future, this is due to the reorganisation of the farmland on which we would normally provide this facility.

Safety. All disciplines are strictly organised and supervised. We have two qualified rifle and pistol instructors and several NRA qualified Range Conducting Officers. New comers and particularly novices will be made welcome and provided with the necessary safety and operational briefings. All members are required to take part and attend annual refresher safety briefings.