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1. The name of the Club is the 'Sigma Rifle and Pistol Club'.
2. The routine business address of the Club will be that of the incumbent Secretary.
3. The aims of the Club are:

  a) To provide safe instruction and use of rifles, shotguns and pistols with a view to promote and participate in competitive shooting.

b) To be fully supported by its members with the intention to raise sufficient funds to run and equip the Club on an economical basis.

c) To be a private Club with restricted membership by invitation only. Subject to a majority decision, the Committee will have the right to refuse without giving reason: (i) any Membership application, (ii) Membership renewal, (iii) to terminate any Membership of a disruptive nature or (iv) that it deems necessary for the good of the Club.

d) To follow Home Office guidelines - Reference "Approval of rifle and muzzle loading pistol clubs - Directorate 3/98" detailed in this Constitution and Club Rules.

e) In the unlikely event of the disbandment of the Club, following a period of at least six months and to include either 31st December or 30th June, funds will be shared amongst fully paid up Members, after any outstanding debts have been paid, on the basis of total funds being divided by the total number of years Full Membership. Full Members will be paid their share according to their length of Membership.

4. The Officers of the Club will consist of:

  A President/Chairman; A Secretary/Treasurer; A Committee and Two Trustees.

The Officers of the Club will be allowed one vote; the President will be allowed a casting vote in the event of any voting tie at any Club meeting.

The Officers will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting; to qualify for election to the Committee one of the following conditions must apply:

a) The nominee must have at least two years-continuous Full Membership.

b) If such circumstances arise whereby no person, or insufficient numbers, are eligible for election under the forgoing clause the Committee reserves the right to nominate other Full Members who will, subject to their acceptance, then stand for election.

c) To qualify for election for President/Chairman, or Secretary/Treasurer, a member must have served previously on the Committee.

The Officers will be regarded as the 'working party' of the Club and will be responsible for all matters relating to membership and the proper management of Club Funds and Property. Except where a Range Conducting Officer (RCO) has been appointed on a MoD range, or Range Officer (RO) at the Club range, they will be responsible for safety at all times.

5. The Trustees of the Lease and those signing the new Lease are: Alan Burnett: Secretary & Treasurer and Martyn Collins: President & Chairman of the Sigma Rifle & Pistol Club. The Sigma Rifle & Pistol Club will for the duration of the Lease allow the Trustees of the Lease to be regarded as 'Club Officials' (For Insurance Purposes*) irrespective of their present roles as Committee Members or in the future as non Committee Members.
The Trustees of the Lease shall be effectively indemnified by the Members from and against liability costs, expenses and payments whatsoever, which may properly be incurred or made by them in relation to any action authorised by the Committee or the Members and in relation to the trusts of the property and investments of the Club or in relation to any legal proceedings or which otherwise relate directly or indirectly to the performance of the function of the Trustees of the Lease.
Trustees of the Lease will have voting rights on matters associated with all Financial and Legal implications of the Lease. Trustee Indemnity Insurance will be valid and renewed annually and remain active for the Trustees (*Club Officials - Mandatory definition Club Insurance Policy)
6. In the event of any grievance/misdemeanour by any Member of the Club, an extraordinary meeting can be called by any three Full Members to ascertain the grievance/misdemeanour and take appropriate action. The extraordinary meeting can be called subject to 14 days written notice.

7. There will be four categories of Membership:

a) Full Member: Membership will be granted by the Committee after having completed a satisfactory probationary period and paid all appropriate Club fees.

b) Honorary Member: A Club Member with over ten year's continuous membership, not being a FAC holder and who has shown exemplary support, dedication and contribution to Sigma R&PC.

c) Member: The Committee will grant Membership after having completed a satisfactory probationary period.

d) Probationary Member: On completion of the Club application form, the applicant must be sponsored by two persons, one must be a Full Member of the Club.

On signing the application form, the applicant will have automatically signed a declaration that they are not classified as being a 'prohibited person' in terms of section 21 of the 1968 Firearms Act.

With the exception of applicants already holding a firearms certificate, a minimum of 3 months Probationary Period must be served before Full Membership can be considered. Firearms certificate holders must serve up to 3 months.

Probationary Members will be given safety instruction before shooting and supervised by a Full Member.

8. Visitors/Guests i.e. Non Members already possessing a firearms certificate will only be allowed to use approved firearms on the range.

9. Visitors/Guests may only handle and use firearms and ammunition on the range on specific and pre announced days when 48 hours prior notice has been given to the police, to a maximum of twelve days each year. Each Guest must be individually supervised whilst shooting by a Full Member of this Club. All Guests will be required to sign a Firearms Declaration Form to comply with section 21 of the 1968 Firearms Act.

10. The Club will appoint a Full Member, currently Alan Burnett, to act as a Liaison Officer with the police and maintain a register of attendance giving details of Members and Visitors individual firearms.

11. This Constitution may only be altered or amended with the approval of at least one third of the Full Membership.

President/Chairman: Martyn Collins. Secretary/Treasurer: Alan Burnett.

Committee Members:

Simon Barnett. Charlie Horner. Roger Pullan. Jo Puttock.

Note: This is an electronic version – original signatures will be circulated to Full Members and or posted on the Club notice board.

Following the (AGM) in September 2022 there was one minor change in the Club Officials and Honorary Member category added. This Constitution was resigned by the Officers of the Club in September 2023.