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Various competitions and practical events are held throughout the year at the club range. There are Rifle/Carbine and Pistol Practical competitions every fortnight. We  have been affiliated to the United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association (UKPSA) for over thirty years. The UKPSA is affiliated to an international shooting body - International Practical Shooting Confederation. (IPSC)

In recent years several of our Club Members have excelled in Gallery Rifle and Pistol Competitions held in the UK but mostly at Bisley. More recently they have been selected to represent England, their debut took place at Bisley in May 2022.

A practical competition is a discipline that requires speed, accuracy and power, whilst there is a slight degree of fitness involved disciplines must be designed so that fitness is not part of the competition. Scores are then divided by the time. Whilst safety is paramount at all times, a course of fire is laid out with a start and finish position, variable Target Exposures are 'engaged' either in set times or against the clock. Once the course of fire has started competitors are scored on how fast and how accurately, they can fire a designated number of shots into specific targets, in a particular order. To make these competitions more interesting and challenging we also have four electronic, computer controlled, turning targets.

A Range Officer is responsible for the safe running of the range and an Assistant Range Officer always accompanies the shooter; this ensures the safety of both shooters and bystanders at all times.

A number of our Club Members shoot at International Levels, four members currently represent England in rifle and pistol competitions.