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Updated 18th September 2021. Previous Scores to 31st July are posted on the Club Noticeboard.

Click hyperlink to view: All scores are up to date today.

A club ROLL OF HONOUR for previous winners of competitions and achievements from 1999 can be viewed here.

Fortnightly 'Practical' competitions take place at the club range and ongoing scores are also collated weekly from the results of 50 metre Rifle and 20 metre Pistol competitions. A new 'Ten Card' Competition has been introduced from January 2019. Members interested in taking part will be issued with Ten 'customised' and 'personalised' cards. All Scores can be viewed on the Link above. Apart from the highest score in some disciplines a 'handicap' system is used to give everyone, especially beginners, a chance of winning. Note: Practical Competitions will re-commence in July 2021, all other competitions from 1st August. All competions will close on 30th June 2022.

Please Note: Before 'handing in' shot cards for scoring please ensure that you have checked that you need to have the card scored against previously submitted cards first ... and that the card is labelled correctly, ie with your name, rifle or pistol and with the relative calibre. Otherwise your card may not be scored.

Prizes: First Place will be awarded where there are up to six qualifying competitors; Second where there are between seven and ten qualifying competitors and Third for the remainder. First Place only is awarded to the Smallbore Rifle Target Competitions. Scores for Practical Competitions will be regarded void if there are less than four competitors on each occasion.

                   Next Presidents Cup Competition Saturday July 10th 2021.