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Latest News

Updated 20th May 2018. GDPR / Work Party / Competition Scores

General Data Protection Regulation 2018: A Newsletter, Policy Statement and Consent Form has been sent to all members with a recent follow up reminder, several Forms have still not been returned please return your Consent Form immediately.

WORK PARTY 2018: Two Dates have been set aside for this years Work Party: Sunday's - 10th and 17th June. This is an opportunity for you to contribute to the up-keep of the range...?

MoD Bookings 2018: The next MoD Range booking will be on Tuesday June 19th - Archer Range. (16 attending). The future use of the Stanta Ranges is still restricted to Archer and the Thetford Range.

Accolade: Five Club Members have won 18 medals between them at the recent 'Spring into Action Weekend' at Bisley. Most of the Medals are for First Place... (Steve L; Steve J; Charlie H; Lee T. & Tim S.)

29/12/17 Potentially Dangerous 5,56mm Ammunition?: The NRA have posted a 'cautionary' potential safety hazard warning regarding batches of RG ammunition manufactured in 2012. See the NRA Website - News section for further information.

Club Insurance: The Club Insurance is provided as part of the NRA re-affiliation which commences from January 1st. Note: Previous limited Personal Accident 'cover' is no longer an additional option by the NRA's Insurance providers. Please see the Members Only page for further information. Re-affiliation to the UKPSA now includes non-optional, additional Insurance cover.

New Home Office Proposals: Numerous proposals have been made by the Home Office in the past 10 days to ban or further disrupt your sport. Its very heavy going but shooters desperately need to respond. There is also a Link below to find your MP. Most of documents need receipt of a response before the first week in December (2017) https://www.gov.uk/government/news/home-secretary-to-consult-on-new-laws-on-offensive-weapons

Previous Update:






UK Shooting News: Interesting reading...! to include: - 1.Details of the latest Policing and Crime Bill amendments, which includes further revised information of the 'use' of expanding ammunition. 2. Rumoured Home Office approval for increasing Club Home Office Approval fees from £84 to £1,000. 3. Minutes of previous FELWG meetings..? (Firearms & Explosives Licensing Working Group) You will need to search around for the above. Read here: https://ukshootingnews.wordpress.com/

Revised Guide - Firearms Licensing Law April 2016

Guidance on Firearms Licensing Law_April 2016 v20.pdf

Ballistics Calculator. This useful calculator can be found at http://ballistics.nerdulator.net/index.php. Enter the ballistic co-efficient of your bullet, bullet weight, muzzle velocity and the distance you have zeroed at and then press the 'Solve' button. You can then print off range cards, plot the bullets path or the bullets energy loss over distance. A good resource for bullet ballistic co-efficients can be found at http://www.frfrogspad.com/bcdata.htm

New Explosives Regulations have come into force. Please be aware that the storage of both Black Powder and Propellant Powder used for reloading cartridges now appear to come under these Regulations, see http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/priced/l150.pdf in particular Appendix 7 'Storage of Small Quantities of Shooter Powders'. We are still awaiting a response and update from the NRA.

30/12/12 Gun Digest 2013 Safety Issue 5,56mm -v- .223" What's The Difference..?

As Secretary one of my responsibilities is keeping Club Members abreast of all safety issues. I make no apologies for raising this issue yet again, at least one fellow member who has always shared my concern regarding the 'use and compatibility!' of 5,56/.223 ammunition has drawn my attention to an article published in the latest 'Gun Digest 2013' most of the relevant pages can be viewed below. Most shooters using a combination of these calibres experience stuck cases, difficult case extraction, blown primers or a combination of all three should read this article. In most cases, after their firearms have been inspected, where necessary, often the problem has been resolved by a fairly simple reaming/re-chambering of the rifle....

Read the 2013 Gun Digest article here: ftp://ftp.fwpubs.com/Outbound/Direct%20Brands/GD2013_AR15.pdf Hard Copy available on the Club Notice Board or on request.

Previously published information and advice endorsing this subject can be read in the Bisley Bible, published annually by the NRA, see below and SAAMI.