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Latest News

Website Updated 2nd December 2023. ~ New Guide on responding to Lead Ban. / New Firearms Act 2023 / All Scores / For Sale / Club Rules

New Lead Ban Update 01/12/23. The HSE 'Consultation Document' closes on December 10th. This may be your last opportunity to help save our sport. New Guidance for your response has just been released by the NRA here: https://nra.org.uk/update-uk-reach-public-consultation-on-lead-in-ammunition/

Previous Guidance (10/10/23) Here: https://consultations.hse.gov.uk/crd-reach/lead-in-ammunition/  Your shooting sport is in serious jeopardy - especially where outdoor ranges are used...! Deadline for a response from shooters is 10th December 2023. A previous consultation document - there were less than 3K responses to it. Where were the remaining 0.8 million shooters? Support Documentation: https://consultations.hse.gov.uk/crd-reach/lead-in-ammunition/supporting_documents/Lead%20in%20Ammunition%20Restriction%20Opinion%20Document%20%20Draft%20SEA%20Opinion.pdf

NRA Response Here: https://nra.org.uk/hse-publish-proposals-for-restrictions-on-lead-ammunition/

Be aware that it is reported that the BASC are in favour of the ban there is a clue, 'Conservation' appears to be their main concern its in the name of the organisation? BASC Response Here: https://basc.org.uk/new-consultation-launched-on-lead-ammunition/

New Firearms Act 2023: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2023/49/section/1/enacted

BASC Overview: October 3rd - https://basc.org.uk/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-firearms-act-2023/

Club Competition Scores: All General Scores are up-to-date to 03/11/23. Practical Scores to 02/12/23.

Mod Bookings: There was some interest for a December Barton Road MoD Range booking - unfortunately there are no dates free. We will try to provide a booking in February. Good news, by then there should be no need to provide two sentries for the footpath.

Club Members Representing England and Great Britain: Five Club Members were recently selected to shoot for England, After another successful shooting weekend Steve Lane has just been appointed Captain for the entire England Team. Another Member Mike S. has been representing Great Britain for several years. These are highly prestigious occasions both for them and Sigma R&PC.

NRA Bisley Bible 2023: A bulky document - if nothing else read volume one and two RANGE SAFETY. https://nra.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/NRA-Handbook-2023-Vols-1-3-complete-the-Bisley-bible.pdf

Revised NRA Range Regulations:. Revised Regulations released 28/02/23. https://nationalshootingcentre.co.uk/range-regulations/

Police Guidance for Firearms November 2022: Here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/firearms-licensing-police-guidance

Farm Butchers: Whilst visiting our Club Range why not include a visit, by prior arrangement, to the Butchers Facility adjoining the Range where there is fresh meat from farm reared cattle and poultry? www.justwilliambutcher.com

Club Insurance 2024: The Club Insurance is provided as part of the recent NRA re-affiliation which re-commences from January 1st. Note: Previous limited Personal Accident 'cover' is no longer an additional option by the NRA's Insurance providers. Please see the Members Only page for further information. Re-affiliation to the UKPSA now includes non-optional insurance 'cover'. Again, there is no cover provided for Club Members for Personal Accident/Personal Injuries. Members have been directed towards www.ccc3.co.uk who may be able to provide insurance cover for your personal needs.

Ballistics Calculator. This useful calculator can be found at http://ballistics.nerdulator.net/index.php. Enter the ballistic co-efficient of your bullet, bullet weight, muzzle velocity and the distance you have zeroed at and then press the 'Solve' button. You can then print off range cards, plot the bullets path or the bullets energy loss over distance. A good resource for bullet ballistic co-efficient can be found at http://www.frfrogspad.com/bcdata.htm

Potential Safety Issue 5,56mm -v- .223" What's The Difference..? NRA Shooting Illustrated 2018

As Secretary one of my responsibilities is keeping Club Members abreast of all safety issues. I make no apologies for raising this issue yet again, at least one fellow member who has always shared my concern regarding the 'use and compatibility!' of 5,56/.223 ammunition has drawn my attention to an article published in the latest 'NRA Shooting Illustrated 2018' most of the relevant pages can be viewed below. Most shooters using a combination of these calibres experience stuck cases, difficult case extraction, blown primers or a combination of all three should read this article. In most cases, after their firearms have been inspected, where necessary, often the problem has been resolved by a fairly simple reaming/re-chambering of the rifle....

Read the 2018 NRA Shooting Illustrated article here: 5.56 Nato vs .223 Remington - What's the difference? Hard Copy available on the Club Notice Board or on request.

Previously published information and advice endorsing this subject can be read in the Bisley Bible, published annually by the NRA, see below and SAAMI.