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Updated 7th November 2018.

The following items For Sale and Wanted belong to or relate to members of the Sigma Rifle and Pistol Club, if you are not a member and are interested in any of these items please contact alan@sigmarpc.co.uk.

New items can always be added.

Club embroidered Navy Blue garments, Baseball Hats - Club Polo Shirts - Fleeces - Body Warmers - etc. can be viewed and purchased at www.directboot.co.uk
'Guns Review' collector edition magazines - Volume 4 No. 10; Volume 11 No's 8 & 9 - Offers? Contact Alan via: alan@sigmarpc.co.uk
.303 Kynoch Collectors Yellow ammo boxes (9 in total) marked S.A Ball .303 Mark 7 Cordite. Offers? via Alan - alan@sigmarpc.co.uk
12 Bore Remington 870 'Wingmaster' Pump Action Shotgun (three rounds capacity). 28" barrel. Excellent condition. Offers? Contact Alan - alan@sigmarpc.co.uk
Folding Stock for above Remington Shotgun. (Remington Steel 'Fold-Up' with Pistol Grip) Offers? Contact Alan - alan@sigmarpc.co.uk
Spare Barrel for above Remington Shotgun, (Compensated) with adjustable Front/Rear 'Blade and Vee' Rifle Iron Sights - Ideal for Target Shotgun Use. Offers? Contact Alan - alan@sigmarpc.co.uk
.223 Speedmaster Southern Gun Rifle Excellent condition With or without telescopic Sight. Reloading Components and Equipment also available. Offers? Contact Graeme via Alan: alan@sigmarpc.co.uk
Lyman Turret Re-Loading Press complete with Dies, Scales, Powder Measure etc. Offers? Contact Derek via Alan - alan@sigmarpc.co.uk
.44 Marlin Rifle (Cowboy 20" Hexagonal Barrel) (Original Marlin pre-Remington) Reasonable offers to Adam: awew@hotmail.co.uk Mobile: 07881902827
12 Bore Cartridge Bags/Pouch/Belt Loops. One (Bob Allen/Leatherette case) holds 30+. The other (Leather Parsons & Sons) holds 5. £10 each or £15 the two Contact Alan: alan@sigmarpc.co.uk