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Updated 14th September 2023.

The following items For Sale belong to or relate to members of the Sigma Rifle and Pistol Club, if you are not a member and are interested in any of these items please contact contact@sigmarpc.co.uk.

New items can always be added.

Club embroidered Navy Blue garments, Baseball Hats - Club Polo Shirts - Fleeces - Body Warmers - etc. can be viewed and purchased at www.directboot.co.uk
'Guns Review' historic collectable magazines complete set of 37 volumes, (444 magazines) all fully bound in the official hard - Blue Guns Review binders from 1964 - for sale complete with indexes £650 or near offer. Also spare Volume 4 No. 10; Volume 11 No's 8 & 9 - Offers? Contact via: contact@sigmarpc.co.uk
.303 Kynoch Collectors Yellow ammo boxes (9 in total) marked S.A Ball .303 Mark 7 Cordite. Offers? Contact via: - contact@sigmarpc.co.uk
500 .223 Bullet Heads 55grn FMJ Offers? Contact Alan via: - contact@sigmarpc.co.uk
Southern Gun Co. straight pull rifle with Wylde chamber (suitable for .223 and 5.56) A2 Butt stock, Tuned standard trigger and hammer with sear engagement reduction device, 20 and 30 round magazines, left and right cocking levers, Stainless H bar 'Ultramatch' barrel 1 in 8 twist with A2 muzzle break. £1K. Photo available. Harris bipod, carry sling, Optisan Viper telescopic sight 3 - 12 zoom £150 Contact Ken via: - contact@sigmarpc.co.uk
Ruger 10/22 Rifle; 4 x 10 round magazines, Bi-pod, Telescopic sight. Offers? Contact Andrew via: - contact@sigmarpc.co.uk
Leatherwood Hi-Lux Telescopic Sight 3-9x40 with mounts Boxed as New. £50 ono. Contact Alan/(Alec) via: - contact@sigmarpc.co.uk
Simmons Telescopic Sight 3-9x40 with mounts As New. £30. Contact Alan/(Alec) via: - contact@sigmarpc.co.uk
Bushnell Trophy Red Dot sight. £40. Contact Alan/(Alec) via: - contact@sigmarpc.co.uk
Telescopic Sight 3-9x50 (Illuminated Cross Hairs) with mounts As New. £25. Contact Alan/(Alec) via: - contact@sigmarpc.co.uk
.223 RCBS Reloading Dies. Contact: Alan/(Alec) via: - contact@sigmarpc.co.uk
6 Glock 9mm Magazines (33 round capacity). Reasonable Offers around £50 each. Contact AW via: - contact@sigmarpc.co.uk