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The Club Range, which is available for use 6½ days a week, is situated some 250 metres from the public highway in picturesque rural Hertfordshire countryside. Access is made via a good drivable track, which opens out into a space large enough to allow adequate parking for around twenty vehicles.

New hut under construction
The Club Cabin and new half covered firing points

Although the range is outdoors, the Club Cabin is an essential asset providing shelter and warmth, accommodating up to twenty or more members at any one time. Here there is heating, facilities for making hot beverages, refreshments and good conversation.

In October 2015 a new roof extension was added to the Club Cabin to provide 'all weather' shooting for two of the four Firing Points. More recently a sheltered area has been built at the 25 metre Firing Point / 'Safety Area' to enable Club Members and their shooting equipment to be kept secure and dry. The two members of the club building a new roof on the cabin are the oldest, but Honary members of the Club, sadley Alec passed away earlier this year.

Because of the range location there is no electricity supply or running water. Toilet facilities are slightly spartan, but regularly maintained and deemed 'sufficient' for all our current members and visitors needs.

New hut
The Club Cabin interior
New hut under construction
New Club Cabin under construction - Mike and Alec - now Honorary Members.