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Updated 15th November 2021.

Please Note: - Coronavirus - The Club Range will be subject to revised Covid conditions from July 19th. The Fixture List will show specific activities taking place. Reminder - A Range Officer is required where live firing takes place and there are more than two persons at the range.

Click hyperlink to view the Fixture List 2021

This list has been compiled to provide as much information as possible regarding Club Fixtures to 31st March 2022. Considering that Saturdays are predominantly the Clubs main shoot days at the Club Range, Fixture List dates show special events only, i.e. Competitions and MoD range bookings. The Club Range will be operational at least every Saturday, most Wednesday's and some Sunday mornings. Members wishing to shoot at the Club Range on other weekdays should make contact with other Members via the ‘Members Directory’ to ensure that, for safety reasons, there will be at least two persons present, one must be a Full Member and the other over sixteen years of age.

Please Note 1: Anyone wishing to use the Club Range on Mondays/Tuesdays and Thursday/Fridays must notify Andrew G. (farm) by email, copied to the secretary, at least by mid-day (Noon) the day before you intend to use the Club Range. Please Note:- the first Red Gate alongside the main road, can be left open Wednesdays and weekends all other times kept closed not locked. The last to leave the range - both gates locked shut.

Please Note 2: Use of MoD Ranges. – * Bookings are subject to sufficient demand from Members, R.C.O.'s and range availability. If there is insufficient support for the booking, the fixture will be cancelled. In addition, the MoD may cancel a booking at very short notice. You are advised to telephone the Secretary the day before attending to confirm the booking is still on. If you have confirmed your attendance to either an MoD or Bisley booking and have to drop out, you may be liable for your 'contribution' to range fees calculated on the day. Our previous 'arrangement' for the cost of using MoD ranges has been revised, if we are the only 'user' on the MoD range complex we will incur additional costs, extra costs will also apply where Ranges have been equipped with SARTS targetry. We now incur full costs for the Range Operatives (formally Range Wardens) for the duration of the booking (Approximately £325/day plus an additional charge of around £100 for the use of four SARTS targets used) The civilian use of tracer ammunition is no longer permitted on MoD ranges. Sigma Range - only firearms and ammunition compliant with the 'Firearms Used' notice displayed can be used; Shotguns are not to be used on the Sigma Range; except for testing purposes only and in the presence of a Committee Member.

Club Range Safety Certificate for all firearms to be used: - There are restrictions on Muzzle Energy (Me) up to 1,496 ft/lbs and Muzzle Velocity (Mv) up to 2,150 ft/sec.

Please Note 3: All users of MoD ranges, including Bisley - must be in possession of a valid 'Shooter Certificate Card' for specific types of firearms used and must be produced as and when required - no certificate - no shoot...! The MoD impose a maximum Muzzle Energy restriction of 4,500 Joules on MoD Ranges at STANTA; and a minimum age limit for any attendees of 16 years of age.

SAFETY BRIEFING - Click on the Link below to open the Audio/Visual Presentation. When you have completed the Training Session send an email to the Secretary confirming that you have Read and Understood the Briefing. You are likely to be questioned again on your next visit to the Club Range regarding some of the more important elements of the Briefing
Safety Briefing 2020