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Question Answer
How do I join Sigma? Simply visit our 'Contact Us' page and we will contact you as soon as we can with all the relevant information you might need. Include your 'landline' telephone number as a preference please - alternatively a Mobile number, and someone will call you back. Depending on demand, unfortunately we often have a waiting list for membership.
Do you provide training for beginners? Yes, this is essential of course especially safety training. We provide induction training to comply with the National Rifle Association, UKPSA standards and beyond!. We have a number of very experienced members, including two NRA qualified rifle and pistol instructors.
Do you have club firearms I can use? We currently have a .22 calibre Ruger 10/22 rifle and a .357 Winchester rifle. In practice, some members are willing to loan their firearms providing that they are treated with respect and the cost of ammunition is recovered by the owner. Whilst we have CCTV, for security reasons we do not keep firearms and ammunition at the Club Range.
How long will I have to wait for a firearms certificate? Having completed a mandatory minimum 3 month Probationary Membership period and you meet with the necessary security, personal health and background requirements and can demonstrate regular attendances, depending on which police area you live, usually it can take up to 3 months for the issue of a certificate (FAC). The Met may take up to twelve months. You will need your General Practitioner to complete a Form declaring that you have not had certain illnesses or medical conditions.
What are the age limits for membership? Club rules state that sixteen is usually the minimum age for Probationary Membership. However, we do have a category of Junior Full Member which applies to those between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, due to recent changes in the law regarding 'young persons' a parent or guardian will need to accompany Members under the age of eighteen.
Is shooting elitist? No, we have members who come from all walks of life, young and old, male and female. Some members have a competitive edge whilst other members simply enjoy the sport of shooting. We currently have four members who shoot for England.
I can only visit the range on a weekday? The range can be used 6½ days/week; there is always someone at the range on a Saturday and most Wednesday's and some Sunday's. Shooting on any other weekday is permit table, but for safety reasons there must be at least two persons present before shooting takes place, at least one person must be a Full Member of the club. When you become a member you will be provided with a list of members names to enable you to make your own arrangements for weekday shooting with other members.
I have my own firearms certificate already? That's fine, this makes life easier and will help to speed up your Full Membership. A Probationary Membership period of up to three months will need to be completed, this is based on your attitude towards safety and regular attendance.
Do you offer family membership? Yes, if two members from the same family are interested in joining the club, the second family member can usually join for free, (as a Member) providing they do not intend owning their own firearms. If the second person wishes to own their own firearms they will have to become a Full Member i.e. by paying the current Club Fees.
I don't have any transport? For operational reasons we are situated out in fairly remote countryside. The nearest bus service passes within a few miles from the range, however, this is a very poor service, your own transport is essential.
Is the range open in the evenings? No, the range is only open between 09.00 hrs and 16.30 hrs Monday to Saturday and 09.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs on a Sunday.
Do you provide facilities to use shotguns? Due to the present restructuring of the 'syndicate management' of adjoining farmland, we can no-longer provide clay and 'target' shotgun shooting. However, we use ranges at Bisley where they allow us to use shotgun and 'solid slug' ammunition.
I only want to shoot larger calibre firearms? As you will have read on our website pages, our range is only suitable for firearms which are classified as 'Gallery Rifle & Pistol' i.e. from .22; .30M1; 9mm; .38/.357 magnum; .44/.44 magnum to .45 calibre. We do cater for the use of larger calibre firearms such as .223; (5,56mm) .303; & .308 (7,62mm) however, to meet the current needs of the members, we arrange MoD or Bisley fixtures to use these calibres five or six times a year, or more often as required.
Can I shoot on other ranges i.e Bisley or military ranges? With the introduction of new MoD rules, If you are 'new' to shooting and want to use the shooting Ranges at Bisley or any Ministry of Defence Range, from July 2008 you will need to undergo an 'Approved' Probationary Membership Training Course (Sigma is accredited by the NRA to provide this training) In any case you will need to be issued with a 'Shooter Certification Card' (Certificate of Competence), again Sigma can arrange this for you.
Do you cater for the use of pistols or handguns? Pistol shooting was largely banned by the Labour Government in 1997. They will have you believe that the ban included all pistols when in fact muzzle loading pistols were not affected. Long Barrelled Pistols were introduced after the pistol ban and can still be used, they must have a minimum 12 inch long barrel and be at least 24 inches in overall length. Strange - the pistol ban didn't include Northern Ireland, Isle of Mann or the Channel Islands.